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Dreamlight is a professional Minecraft team that specializes in map designing in Minecraft. We want to make your eventful experience possible by creating a world completely customized for you according to your dreams.


Our expertise

Texture Art

Full texture customization for skins and texture packs.


Creating interesting systematic gameplay

Custom Model

Create new items or creatures in Minecraft.


Design the shape of the map to make it look attractive.


Meet Our Manager

We have 1 professional manager in our team

Real Reviews From Our Clients

ChokyC_ - Content Creator

“ Provided updates, very fast and good looking work. I would highly recommend to anyone for their projects. ”

Arlind - Server Owner

“ The builder worked swiftly and made sure that I liked what he was doing. He done a great job and I would strongly recommend this team! Very professional ”

Archer - Client

“ They built really fast and very professionally even made extra things in the build for free even though I didn't pay for it, overall quick & amazing service ”

ThePower - Clients

“ The build was amazing. I highly recommend them. ”

Kodomo - Clients

“ Freelancer that handles my build is persistent and willing to give his best to make sure that the result of the build is how i want it to be ”

Aldehyde - Clients

“ Very professional, went above and beyond for the build and looks incredible, highly recommend ”

Nick - Clients

“ Affordable prices for amazing builds! Quick timeframes and staff are very friendly! Will be coming back to them for any future projects. ”

Vennom - Server Owner

“ Very good service, great prices for amazing builds. Would highly recommend as I've used them for both a hub and a spawn world now. ”

CJ Heineman - Clients

“ My experience was incredible. You’re all so patient and understanding, if I ever need another build I will definitely be contacting you guys. ”

BurgBoi - Clients

“ Would recommend their service. They're builds are pretty good and they'll fix anything you don't like. 4/5 would use again. ”

TitanicVapor - Clients

“ Provided updates, very fast and good looking work. I would highly recommend to anyone for their projects, changes to my build were made upon request, no questions asked. ”

Candypops - Clients

“ Great service, super fast and amazing quality :) very happy with my build! ”

Sir_Nutty - Clients

“ Quick builds, and they took a mess of an idea and turned it into something! Very friendly and prompt, with frequent updates. ”

XxFireballxX - Clients

“ Extremely good service and quick processing of the purchase and construction of the build. ”

Vesec - Clients

“ very fast and good work ”

nrc0611 - Clients

“ Very good service, great price for what I got. Their ability to work with the little information I gave them and come up with what exactly they were going to build me was phenomenal. ”

FrostGaming11 - Clients

“ I was really impressed with the speed and dedication of our builder! They seemed to really care about the project and have done a great job! ”

WolfBlood68 - Clients

“ absolutely amazing couldn't ask for more quickly built at an amazing quality well worth the money ”

Tallows1200 - Clients

“ Was fast and reliable. Did what they could and more. Other than the concrete powder blocks that fell when I put it into my world it was great. ”


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